Pumpkin Biscuits 

In a rare moment of silence (my son is actually taking a nap) I’m enjoying some biscuits the two of us whipped up earlier today.  I had roasted a pumpkin and stuck it in the fridge with high hopes for an inspiring brain fart. This morning I decided I would make slightly sweet biscuits. I … Continue reading Pumpkin Biscuits 

Apple Crumble Bites

We are knee deep in Apple (and hurricane) season here in the northeast and last weekend we took a family fun trek to CN Smith farm. Normally this farm is a fabulous idea with small kids. Easy parking, some animals, lots of apples and donuts (not to mention a kitch halloween display). I don’t know … Continue reading Apple Crumble Bites

Eggplant Bites

We are finally getting used to our back to school schedules, which means cooking dinner again instead of ordering pizza! (Am I the only one that shouts yay at this?) I took quite a bit of the summer off from blogging to work on other projects and can happily say most of those went well. To … Continue reading Eggplant Bites